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The following dashboard provides demographic data for participants served by CSC-funded services, organized by fiscal year, program type/area, and zip code. You can filter the data by selecting on any variable on the dashboard. For example, if you click on the variable within the Ethnicity section for “Hispanic/Latino”, the data for the other sections (Fiscal Year, Program Area, Race, Age, Income, and Zip Code) will filter by that option and will show you only the participants who identified as Hispanic/Latino. Click on the variable again to remove the filter. Please note that some data may be duplicated across sections. For example, if you choose the variable of “Youth Force” in the Program Area section to only look at participants that were served in the Youth Force programs, you will notice that the numbers for each fiscal year add up to more than the number contained in the Program Area section for this variable, this is because some of the same students participated in the program in both fiscal years.